What can organization, clubs, teams do with MVPCAST Technology?

Never miss a moment. Livestream or Record Offline on the go with MVPCAST app or use IP Cameras installed at your gym.

Livestream & Record practices, matches, tournaments, college showcases to parents and college coaches, thus eliminating the travel costs and complying with social distancing and "no spectators" policy.

Create HD quality Video-On-Demand library for easy sharing and review with the players, coaches and scouts.

Use HD quality Video-On-Demand library for training and as educational material for your players.

Provide Broadcasting coverage for multi-location events (e.g. simultaneously record all courts or fields).

Pay-Per-View revenue sharing opportunities

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Instant club's website integration.

What makes MVPCAST so unique?

Unprecedented quality, ease of use, scalability and affordability.

"Point and Shoot" broadcasting from any iPhone, iPad or Android on 4G or WiFi network.

Combination of Livestreaming and Offline modes with Full HD(1080p), HD(720p) or VGA(480p) resolutions would accommodate to any network conditions and quality of a venue connections.

Removing overhead cost of broadcasting without compromising the quality.

MVPCAST video's quality, reliability and affordability are unmatched.

Even the most promising recruits need a quality highlight reel. MVPCAST unique features makes it easy for ATHLETES / PARENTS to create powerful highlight reels on their own and saves hours (If not days) of their time.

professional video recording &
production from your phone

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